Watheq Services provide integrated, end-to-end solutions and services offerings to our partners in the public and private space who are looking to solve their unique challenges and problems associated with different surface exposures to different threats in real world situations.
Also one of our compelling achievements is that we have created nano-engineered coatings that can be applied in atmospheric conditions without the need for expensive Vacuum Vapor Deposition techniques or the expensive hardware needed for such techniques, therefore “liberating” our technology for partnerships that make sense financially and are operationally stable and scalable.

Applying our nanotechnology solutions where they make sense


Collaborate with Watheq Services on its advanced technologies, experience and robust end-to-end solutions by having our proprietary compounds, expertise and services offered directly to your clients or seamlessly integrated into your operations. In Watheq Services, you have a solid partner that works closely with you to ensure seamless integration and mutual success.


Do you have large-scale projects in the public or military space? Increasing numbers of products maintained or rolled out? Watheq Services is ready to scale in any direction to meet the unique requirements of our business partners. With current application locations in UAE & KSA, we are expanding our regional footprint with the help of our local diverse team in order to meet growing demand and further expand high volume servicing capacities.


We are an innovative solution provider with an excellent technical team, and are the developers and owners of powerful surface modification technologies. We work aggressively not just to advance towards innovation, but also to ensure that our intellectual property, processes, formulas and concepts are easily transferable, duplicable while protected through our partners and operations.